Call the shots with coupon and price-checking extensions to
drive revenue and enhance the customer experience.

16% of shoppers use browser extensions to find great deals
on any site they visit. Yes, even yours.

Whether you partner with extensions or not, shoppers are going to use them.
It can drive more traffic and win more journeys. But can also confuse customers with broken coupons
or pull them away with competing offers. Shoppers could get frustrated. Margins might get squeezed.


Shopping extensions can either improve or damage your margins and customer experience. Start managing them, or you’re leaving conversions up to chance.

Make Browser Extensions Work For You

Stop guessing, start measuring. See which extensions shoppers use and how each impacts your business. Then choose which ones to block or keep.


Track the Impact of Every Extension

Get to the bottom line of how each extension impacts revenue, bounce rate, CVR, AOV, and customer experience. So you finally see which extensions boost conversions and which just cost you commissions.


Keep Only the Good With Smart A/B Testing

See what happens when you block just price-comparison extensions or coupon extensions for shoppers coming from specific channels. With smart A/B testing and blocking, you can get granular about the extensions you allow.


Win Big With the Bargain-Hunters

Easily pinpoint coupon-chasing customers, and make sure they’re always seeing great deals. Then keep the journey going beyond your site, with quick integrations into your email systems, personalization tools and digital campaigns.

Dalin Brinkman
Senior Manager,
Site Strategy

“We know that shoppers enjoy using browser shopping extensions.
However, these extensions were affecting our customer experience and
hindering margins without offering an ability to evaluate. With Namogoo we were able to test the impact of these extensions and gather insightful data, giving us full power over the customer experience
while increasing overall conversion
and profitability.”

Dominic Manna
Digital Marketing Director

“We strive to create seamless experiences every time our guests visit
Those efforts account for many elements such as preventing price comparison browser extensions from injecting popups to alternative sites while guests view our product pages. With Namogoo, we can prevent comparison extensions from interrupting our guests, which adds tremendous value to their experiences
with Ulta Beauty.”

It Works

See traffic broken down by extension
run dynamic tests on what to block
Understand the value extensions bring
Get smart recommendations

Every Integration You Can Think of

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Keep Journeys Flowing


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